New Font Makes Reading and Comprehension Easier for Dyslexics

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Small changes could make a huge difference to readers with dyslexia.

A Dutch design firm has come up with a promising way to make reading easier for people with dyslexia. Last month, StudioStudio released it’s new font, dylexie, and early studies show it’s working.

It’s a nice-looking font and the differences to a straight-ahead Times New Roman aren’t all that great. But what dyslexie has modified some of the problematic letters enough to make them distinctive to the dyslexic.

For example, p,b,d, q are typically problematic in dyslexia. The letters can be rotated for flipped in the mind. What dylexie does this by “bolding, lengthening and opening some parts of the letters,” explains Dante at Scholastic’s OOM blog. There’s also more space between words and more space between some letters.

Go here to look at all the changes. If the results of initial tests hold up, a font like dyslexie could have a huge impact on kids learning to read and adults who continue to struggle with it.

Photo: StudioStudio

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