New Google Tool to Teach Parents Tech

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Hate getting these from your own parents?

Right now, you’re probably the tech expert of the house. But how long is that going to last? Just watching my (and other people’s) young kids pick up a touch-screen phone and work an app without any direction from a grown-up — an app which took a little trial-and-error for me — is a sure sign that I’m destined to be surpassed.

However! I refuse to become my generation’s version of the 80s parent who couldn’t set the VCR clock. Eventually, I may appear to be very slow to my kids when it comes to the latest gadgetry but, dang it, I don’t need anyone sighing and condescending to me for my lack of savvy.

I hope.

Anyway, adult kids at Google have come up with a way to get our kids’ grandparents to feel more independent on their computers. They’ve made a bunch of online video tutorials for of step-by-step instructions on how to do a bunch of simple stuff — copy & paste, changing your screensaver and sharing large files.

Hey, don’t laugh. Some day you might get one of their “care packages,” a form letter that your fed-up home tech-expert fills out and sends to you. Sure, yours won’t be about upload videos of a trip to the Grand Canyon. But you know your kid is going to adjust to the implanted brain chip better than you.

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