New iPad 2 Details! Why We Want One for Our Family


You know what I want? An iPad. I don’t need one and there isn’t any really good reason why I should buy one. But it’s just so shiny, sleek and fun. And I’m not the only one in my family that drools over the iPad, my five-year-old daughter has her sights on this portable tablet as well.

Now, I have heard of parents buying their children this pricey item. I personally know of a couple six-year-olds who have their own. But is that too young? My five-year-old was recently introduced to the iPad at our local Apple Store. I had to spend numerous hours at the genius bar and one way to keep my child entertained? Playing with the iPad. It’s so user friendly that she navigated the tablet like a pro showing off an knack for Angry Birds.

And now there is a new temptation to get one for our family, the new iPad  – the iPad 2 – will be announced later today (10a.m. PST). It will reportedly feature a sleeker design, be more lightweight, feature some new apps and will have a new price.

So why do we  want one? First, I should say that we are not a technology shy family. I wish we could live in a home without a TV or a computer where my daughter and I just baked muffins all day, sewed all her own clothing from fabric we weaved ourselves and went on nature hikes day and night. But sadly, that is not our reality.  We have TV, we have computers and she does watch them and use them. I know, I know,  it would be better if she didn’t know what a TV was until she was 18, but my career depends on media and that helps keep food in her belly and a roof over her head.  That said,  I do not have issues with her occassionally playing on an iPad and here is why: there are a slew of educational games that have merit on the iPad, from spelling games to matching games, to language tools. And for a portable entertainment unit, to use while waiting in a long line or going on a lengthy road trip, the iPad helps keep them calm, centered and entertained.But, again, there is no reason why we actually need one. It would just be a sweet toy for the family. But maybe the new prices unveiled today will make it too tempting to resist.

Would you ever let – or even buy – an iPad for your child?