New Lingerie Doubles As Gas Mask

Emergency bra
This bra converts to a gas mask

Lifesaving lingerie sounds like a joke, but there’s a market for anything these days. Even a bra that converts into two gas masks.

A new bra, designed by Dr. Elena Bodnar, can be split apart to provide protection for two adults in the case of a sudden emergency, like a terrorist attack, nuclear meltdown, or volcanic explosion.  Seriously.

And you thought those things were just for fashion.

This is, frankly, a completely awesome idea. As Bodnar puts it, you have to be prepared all the time, and nearly every woman wears a bra. Hers are selling for $29.99, a bargain for a gas mask you can wear under your cocktail dress. Plus they’re cute: bright red with frills. No Bond girl should be without this.

Just remember, put on your own gas mask before helping your child. Or your date.

Photo: ebbra

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