New Parents Couldn't See Their Babies Thanks to Beyonce's Security

beyonce is pregnant
The beautiful Beyonce Knowles holding her baby bump.

Unless you’ve been trapped under a piece of heavy furniture for days, you’re likely aware that superstars Beyonce and Jay-Z had a baby girl this past weekend, named Blue Ivy Carter.

In order to get privacy, the couple rented out an entire floor at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Problem is, there were a few other people having babies at Lenox Hill that day, and some of them are none too happy at the treatment they received. reports that Brooklyn dad Neil Coulon was upset when he couldn’t see his twins in intensive care, who had just been delivered prematurely by his wife: “They just used the hospital like it was their own and nobody else mattered,” he said, claiming, “… the high powered couple’s body guards stopped him from seeing his wife and kids on four separate occasions.”

Coulson says he and his wife are very upset by how they were treated.  I’m not sure how or why the hospital would allow a singer’s security team to stop new parents from traveling through the maternity ward, or even lock them in the NICU as this father charges. Any parents that had babies at the hospital this weekend had just as much right to travel freely as Jay-Z and Beyonce.   I can only imagine my husband’s reaction had that happened to us when I had my baby. He would have gone absolutely ballistic.

The Chicago Sun-Times adds it wasn’t just new parents who were unhappy, reporting that, “The experience left numerous Lenox Hill employees feeling a bit miffed as all security cameras were blocked with tape, and all staffers — including doctors, nurses and top administrators — had to turn in their cell phones to prevent any photos of the little girl leaking to the media.”

I can imagine it must be hard to be famous and try to feel safe and comfortable having a new baby when the paparazzi’s cameras are aimed at you every minute.  I certainly understand the need for privacy, but it seems Lenox Hill Hospital may have gone a bit too far in ensuring Jay-Z and Beyonce had a pleasant birth experience to the detriment of other families who deserved the exact same thing.’


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