New Revelations and a Petition to Sign in Case of Mom Who Lost Custody Due to Breast Cancer

Alaina Giordano
Alaina Giordano and her kids

There have been some interesting developments and revelations made in the case of Alaina Giordano, the NC mom who has been told her children must move to Chicago on June 17th to live with their father because she has breast cancer.  Giordano is divorcing her children’s father, Kane Snyder, who left two years ago for four months without disclosing his location to his family.  Snyder returned after the four months, but moved out again in January 2010, landing in Chicago.  It has been documented by authorities that Snyder abused Giordano, but the judge in the case says that’s of no concern.

Giordano has been blogging at a site called Beauty in Truth, revealing details about her case, like the fact that Judge Nancy E. Gordon – who ruled that Giordano’s children should be removed from her care – has never been married and has no children.  Giordano’s outrage is palpable in her post on the subject.  She writes, “How does a woman with no kids and who has never been married become a Judge in Family Court???!!!”  I’d like to know the answer to that myself.  A judge making decisions about child custody, visitation and child support without knowing what it’s like to be a parent is like a Catholic priest giving marital and child-rearing advice: it makes no sense.

Since Giordano’s condition is stable and she’s perfectly able to parent, shouldn’t her children remain in the home and school environment they’ve been in since 2007?  If Giordano becomes incapacitated, and certainly if/when she dies, her children will have to live with their father, so shouldn’t they be allowed to enjoy their mother’s presence round-the-clock as long as she’s well?  Giordano has stressed in interviews that none of us knows when our last day will be, whether healthy or ill, and her daughter says her bond with her mother is like none other in the world.

Giordano has limited time to secure a lawyer and make an appeal in this case, and thousands of people have rallied around her to help her do exactly that. emailed a petition yesterday to their subscribers urging members to sign in support of Giordano, and so far over 81,000 names have been added to the list.  I just added mine, and I hope you’ll add yours.  Visit to send a message to Judge Nancy E. Gordon that her ruling in this case is outrageous and unacceptable, and head over to Giordano’s Facebook page to find other ways to help.  You can donate to Giordano’s legal fund here.

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