New Study Shows How Social Media Is Changing The Dinner Table


So where do you find your favorite recipes? Used to be that most recipes came from family mothers handing down recipes to daughters or, more recently, from magazines and of course from cookbooks. But today? Today we get recipes from Pinterest.

Social media has completely changed the world of food. The potent mix of blogging and digital cameras has made it possible for everyone to have their own food website, and social media makes it easy for us to share those recipes with our personal networks. I know that I’ve recently tried at least three recipes I found via friend’s blogs somehow, if I know they could make it I thought maybe I could too.

A new study supports this news. Called Clicks & Cravings: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture (done by the Hartman Group, that does food and nutrition marketing agency) states the following:

Social media changes food culture by influencing how consumers think about, talk about and experience food. With the clicks of our fingers, social media alters the entire lifecycle of a meal from planning, to buying, to cooking, to eating. As consumers use social media to discover, learn, and share information about food, they quickly become more active participants in food culture. They look to bloggers and the opinions of online others to expand their culinary horizons and make purchase decisions. Today’s consumers increasingly prefer to learn about products based on the experiences of “people like me,” rather than directly from brands. Social media allows them to do this with ease.

The study revealed some interesting information. Of adults that have online access, over 82% visit social networking sites a number that was nearly unimaginable five years ago. In addition, 75% use Facebook and 49% say they have learned about food via social media. 40% say they have learned about food websites, apps, or blogs but only 9% have downloaded a food app recently (of course there are food apps!).

This isn’t particularly shocking, of course, to those of us that spend our days hanging out online. What is news, of course, is how this will change food marketing. Stay tuned!

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