New Survey Suggests Twitter Users Are Sexier Than Facebook Users


Hey there Tweetheart, are you a dirty birdy? #wink

As reported by Social Times, according to Euro RSCG Worldwide’s annual Valentine’s Day survey, Twitter users are sexier than Facebook users.

The results of the survey are illustrated below in the following infographic:

[Infographic credit:]

As the Social Times article suggests, I’m inclined to question the survey results knowing that most Twitter users are Facebook users as well. Perhaps Twitter feels like a “safer” environment to share intimate details without the prying eyes of family members and coworkers eager to consume our every status update? And who knows, maybe the whole 140 character limit lends itself to more clever and/or suggestive sharing? #justsayin

What do you think? Are you more inclined to share intimate details on Twitter, Facebook, or not at all?

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