New TSA Standards for Kids: Will This Make for Friendlier Skies?

Will the TSA Pat-Down of Kids Be a Thing of the Past?

Did you see those viral videos that made the rounds a while ago? The ones of innocent little kids being frisked as if they could possibly be some kind of threat to our national security? Well, the outpouring of anger about children being subjected to those type of security measures seemed to have had an affect at TSA HQ . Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced on Tuesday that the way children are screened at our nations airports is being revised. How? And will it make for friendlier skies?

First off, kids under the age of twelve won’t have to take off their shoes. And if you’ve ever wrestled with a toddlers’ toes while trying to get their sneakers, this will be great news. The other more important move?  The Huffington Post reported that the “policy also includes other ways to screen young children without resorting to a pat-down that involves touching private areas on the body.”

But if you are thinking that this just gives a green light for terrorists to then use kids as suicide bombers, there will be random screening of kids to keep “airport security unpredictable.”

Traveling with kids is stressful enough, and to know that they probably won’t be subjected to a pat-down will probably bring ease to many a traveling parent’s mind.

Will these changes in policy make a difference to you and your feelings about traveling with the kids?

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