New York City Giving the Heave-Ho to Homeless Families


80279502_edd1f69566New York City is giving families free airline tickets! The catch? You have to be homeless and the tickets…they are one-way. Mayor Bloomberg’s administration is giving the old heave-ho to hundreds of homeless families who have plagued the city’s shelter system. According to the AP, it costs $36,000 a year per family to house them in New York City. After the past two years over 550 families have left New York via the program.

But they can’t be flown just anywhere. The families must have a relative -anywhere in the world to take them in. Families have been sent all over the place like Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico. The city uses a travel agency to book the flights and for international travel, the tickets are arranged by the Department of Homeless Services.

The good news, none of the families that have been shipped out of dodge have returned to city run shelters in their new towns.

Do you think New York is just passing the buck and making other cities responsible for their homeless? Or do you think giving these families a new start in a new place is a charitable act?


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