New York State Passes Marriage Equality Bill… and My Daughter is Thrilled

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The Empire State Building celebrates the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.

“I’m calling to register my support for the Marriage Equality bill,” I told the harried woman on the phone yesterday. I got the number for Dean G. Skelos’ office from a friend who posted it on Facebook, then I called and reposted. And my friends called and reposted. And I left for a show and wasn’t sure what would happen, but I got home just in time last night to catch the final yay vote as it was cast. I couldn’t believe it. The Republican-led New York State Senate passed the Marriage Equality bill, 33-29. And lawmakers said it was all of the phone calls and emails they received from constituents that made the difference. We were all a part of history.

“Oh my God, this is amazing!” I said to my daughter. “They just passed gay marriage!” Just then, the TV footage switched to the crowds at Stonewall and my daughter asked what was happening. “Now girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys,” I told her. “Sometimes girls love girls and boys love boys and now they can get married.”

“Girls can marry girls?,” my 5-year-old retorted incredulously. And then she announced that she wanted to marry her best girlfriend.

Now, whether or not my daughter will grow up to want to marry a girl, I can’t quite say. But I can say that the legalization of gay marriage in New York State will normalize gay for my daughter’s generation, a fact that overwhelms me with joy and has me dumbstruck at how awesome the future might look. As Rahti Gorfien, a mother and life coach in Park Slope, Brooklyn put it this morning on Facebook, “So grateful the gay marriage bill passed in time for it to be a normal part of life as our children grow up. I hope it will eliminate a lot of shame and pain.”

I know it will.  I’m so thrilled for all of my friends, all the gay parents in New York State and humanity in general on this most joyous Pride weekend.  I’m off to host a Pride event this afternoon, and I don’t know how I’ll crack any jokes when I’m just so damn happy!

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