Nick Listens to Parents on Addicting Games


The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood reports that after Nickelodeon’s Addicting Games website won the TOADY award (that would be for a “Toy Oppressive and Destructive to Young Children), “Nickelodeon removed links to from the preschool websites under its umbrella, including Dora the Explorer, Backyardigans, and Wonder Pets.”

The CCFC’s description of the games available on is more than egregious: It’s hard to beat a title like You Da Sperm for inappropriateness for preschool game play, although surely Torture Chamber III comes close. Nick’s still marketing the games on its Nick Jr. Boost and Nick Jr. Arcade websites, and advertises its own shows, like iCarly, on Addicting Games, and it’s airing the Addicting Games Showdown on Nick itself later this month. I’m not always a big fan of the CCFC, but it’s hard to see much reason to advertise a game like Nancy Balls: “You can try to keep women out of congress, but it’s going to be really difficult.  Take their shoes away and collect guns.  That’s how to be a MAN” to anyone under twelve. Actually, it’s hard to see much reason to advertise it at all. The CCFC encourages parents to “keep the pressure on” Nick in the hope that it will stop promoting Addicting Games to all children.

Image from’s Barnville Massacre.

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