No Debate: More Parents Would Rather President Obama Babysit Their Kids

No Debate: More Parents Would Rather President Obama Babysit Their Kids
Genuine affection vs. stilted (and haphazard) baby holding; sums it all up, don't you think?

Of all the questions surrounding the upcoming election and today’s hoopla about last night’s debate, one question asked of the American public centers not on political issues, but rather, who would make a better babysitter: President Obama or Mitt Romney.

Can you guess who most parents chose?

Well, when you consider that you would want a sitter who is responsible and safe, perhaps, depending on your personal opinion, you’d say either one would do. (Although after those ‘binders of women’ comments, one can only speculate).

However, one of the thing I’d look for is a person who enjoys young people and who being with children comes natural to, who was a hands-on involved dad, and invested time and consideration in raising his children, so naturally, the first one that would pop into my mind without a second thought is President Obama.

You see, I think he’d not only sing a baby a bedtime song and do the hokey Pokey with a toddler, but he’d probably also play basketball with my son, help my teen daughter with geometry homework and discuss post-college options with my oldest. He’d make sure they all had a nutritious dinner and made it to bed on time.

He not only respects children, but he acknowledges and fights for them.

Babysitting would all come natural to him. I’d have not a care in the world where ever I was (probably somewhere telling everyone that BAM is home with the kids!)

Oh, I’m really liking this dream/fantasy in which the President is my babysitter… perhaps a little too much. Ah, a girl can dream…

Who would you prefer to baby sit your kids?

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