No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Dad Gets Two Traffic Tickets for Saving Sons Life

Car in river
At least it was just the car

It’s hard to argue a child’s life isn’t worth at least the price of a couple of traffic tickets (and then some!), but getting two traffic tickets for saving your child’s life just seems insulting nonetheless.

Frank Roder took his son to feed some ducks at the Rahway River in New Jersey. He stopped the car for a moment before parking when his son, Aidan, 5, jumped out of the car and headed straight towards a ledge that was 35 feet above the river, according to Fox News.

Frank jumped out of the car, understandably panicked, to race after Aidan and caught him just before he got to the edge.

“Um, Daddy …” Aidan said, his dad recalled.

Frank turned around and saw his car go down the embankment and land in the river. Boy saved, car not so lucky.

The police came to the scene and pulled the car out of the river. And that’s when a cop handed Frank two tickets, one for failure to produce an insurance card (it was in the car) and the other was for failure to use an emergency brake.

Clearly the cop isn’t a father. But thankfully Frank still is.

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