No Job? Not Getting Married, Says 5-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)

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Is there a happy medium?

Talk about girl power.

A five-year-old girl is making waves on YouTube for a video in which she adamantly demands that she is not getting married unless she has a job first.

Back in the day, girls were ingrained to believe that a man should have a job before proving himself a worthy husband, which still holds true, I think. But now, the stakes have been raised for the better. Today’s girls are growing up believing they hold the right to nurture themselves and their creativity first — before they even consider marriage.

I consider that a healthy progression. If our boys are groomed to take care of themselves first and pursue their own educational and personal goals, why shouldn’t our girls do the same?

Two well-rounded people who have had life experience in the workplace, through travel, and by participating in various social circles would likely make well rounded partners. Of course, you never can tell which couples will sustain a marriage and which will divorce. A marriage is nothing less than a very complex network of feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and compromises mixed in with a daily chaotic life. I’m not sure you can pinpoint any one reason for declining marriage sustainability rates.

Yet some argue that feminism has perhaps gone too far and in turn has made men and marriage obsolete. Authors Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker claim that women’s attitude toward marriage may be responsible for the divorce rates in our country. In a recent interview surrounding their new book, The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – And Men Can’t Say, the authors claim that feminists love divorce:

Venker offers this explanation:

The modern generation was groomed for an independent life. Marriage and motherhood are not something to which young women have been taught to aspire. Instead the women in their lives tell them to focus solely on their career. The result is women don’t think of marriage and motherhood as fulfilling in and of itself. It’s silly to think there’s something wrong with being in the kitchen–everybody has to eat!

Let me add that feminism also taught women that men are idiots, so now there’s a lack of respect for men who are considered an inconvenience. It’s a wonder any marriage survives.

I don’t think any goal of modern day feminism includes a woman that considers a man an idiot. That is simply sexist and ridiculous. So many of us are raising strong sons and have husbands that we value wholeheartedly. And I also don’t believe that the feminist ideal is to focus solely on a career. I think it is choices — as in having the ability to make choices in her life and change priorities as she sees fit.

This means that we are not holed up in the house cooking and cleaning all the time. Sometimes we are, but sometimes we work, we read, we go out with the girls, we go out with our guy, we go to the playground and teacher conferences. Sometimes our husbands do the same. We do what we feel is right in the given situation, including the ability to leave a marriage that is not working.

It is wonderful that we can teach our young girls that they can be anything they want to be and pursue what they choose. Every person has the right to enjoy a lifelong passion; it’s to each of us to decide what that is — boys and girls alike.

Watch this little girl’s video below and see how she wants to do “something that’s special”:


Image: Flickr/Dillon Boy

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