No Joke: ‘Candy Land Board Game to Become Adam Sandler Movie

Candy Land
Candy in a movie? Yes. A Candy Land movie? No.

Aaaaaaand it’s official: Hollywood has run out of film ideas.

Evidence? Adam Sandler is making and starring in a “Candy Land” movie. Yes, Candy Land. As in the game you play with your preschooler.

MSNBC is reporting (via that Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison will make the “film,” and Robert Smigel (of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and SNL‘s TV Funhouse fame) will write it. Which should make it better. But it doesn’t. Because it’s a game for preschoolers. About lollipops and gumdrops.

(And you can insert your own joke here about the success of Adam Sandler films of late.)

Last year Entertainment Weekly quoted one of the film’s writers as saying, “We envision it as ‘Lord of the Rings,’ but set in a world of candy.’ In which case it actually sounds kind of appealing — if you’re an actor in the film who gets to eat a lot of candy.

What’s next? A “Sorry” short? A “Life” Lifetime movie of the week?

Bring it on. Or, actually, don’t.

Will you go see a “Candy Land” movie?

Image: Hasbro

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