Northern Michigan University Shuts Down Following Online Threat

Northern Michigan University
An online threat was made towards the students, faculty, staff and administration at Northern Michigan University on Wednesday

Northern Michigan University in the state’s Upper Peninsula is closed at this hour as authorities are investigating a threat made online towards its students, faculty, staff and administration. Public schools in the city of Marquette, including Marquette Senior High School, which is next door to the university, are closed as a precaution due to the threat, too. And nearby Marquette General Hospital is also officially on lockdown as a result.

A university spokeswoman said the threat was discovered shortly before 8 a.m. this morning, and it detailed that something would happen on Wednesday. A caller alerted officials to the threat, although the caller was not the person who posted it on the blog on which it was found. An emergency notice was transmitted on the university-provided laptops to its 9,400 students, and text messages were also sent out to cell phones. There is no word if the school will reopen tomorrow.

According to CNN, university officials say the situation is “under control,” although the approximately 2,300 students who live in on campus dorms are urged to stay inside with their doors locked, and visitors are asked to stay off campus until further notice.

State and local law enforcement are assisting university police with the investigation.

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