Not Cool: 17 High School Kids Photos Stolen From Facebook for Adult Site


Having your kid on Facebook is a worry for plenty of parents. Their frets? They vary. One may not want their teen spending more time on the social networking site than on their SATS. One may worry that a creepy adult may try to contact them and strike up a correspondence. One may worry that they may be talking smack about their parents (meaning you!). But one worry that probably didn’t cross your mind… having one’s child’s Facebook photo hi-jacked and used on a porn site.

17 students – who all went to Bay Path Technical Vocational Regional High School in Charlton, MA — had their images taken from their Facebook pages and posted on an unnamed porn site. They also posted some personal information like the girls’ names and what school they went to. Some of the girls were as young as 14.

The FBI was contacted and the students whose photos were found on the site were notified about the misuse of their images. One student who knew some of the girls told New England Cable News that, “they’re just kind of embarrassed by it and shocked by it too,” she said.

The school is using this as a teachable moment, to make sure that in the future students are more mindful of their privacy settings.

What’s your biggest worry about having your child on Facebook?

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