Not-so-smart Teacher Accidentally Schools Fourth-Graders About Infidelity

Confused teacher
Yeah, we don’t know what you were thinking, either.

It’s not as if anyone expects their children’s teachers to be perfect. Teachers are human, most of them want what’s best for their students, and they’re all probably overworked and underpaid.

That being said, some are just better than others.

A fourth-grade teacher from Playa del Ray Elementary School in Gilbert, Ariz., would appear to fall into the “other” category.

According to, students in fourth grade were given a homework assignment in which they were asked to read about a situation and explain what was happening. One of the questions posed a scenario in which a wife finds a woman’s hair clip under her bed — and it doesn’t belong to her.

As it turns out, the not-so-bright teacher had failed to actually read the homework assignment before she turned it over to the class. Upon discovering her carelessness, she emailed an apology to parents.

Teacher grade: F

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