Note to Consumers: Crunchberries Are Not Real Fruit


crunchberriesYou may indulge your kids in sugary cereals from time to time, but you probably don’t believe you’re feeding them important nutrients.

Well, a California woman was a bit confused by the whole concept of marketing. While Cap N’ Crunch was probably hoping to entice kids with their promise of brightly-colored “crunchberries,” a grown woman had insanely high hopes for the new addition to the sugary corn cereal.

Upon learning that the “colorful red, purple, teal, and green berries” in the cereal were not real fruit, Janine Sugawara sued Cap N’ Crunch for misleading customers.

Citing the image on the cereal box that clearly depicts not fruit, but artificially colored cereal balls and the fact that the only fruit listed in the ingredient list is a smattering of strawberry concentrate, the court ruled that no “reasonable consumer” would have been fooled by Cap N’ Crunch’s marketing. 

Sugawara, I should probably go ahead and warn you that you might find Fruity Pebbles disappointing, too.


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