"Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels": The Wrong Message T for Girls

Kate Moss Message T? Really?

A large percentage of message tees for girls have some sort of inspirational, ‘feel good’ or cute messages on them. Like “Best Friends Forever,” ‘I Love Puppies” or “Save the Whales.” But this message t-shirt inspired by Kate Moss is not one of those. It’s tacky, tasteless and with the rising rates of girls having eating disorders, it’s just downright irresponsible.  The “Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels,” t-shirt is available in girl and toddler sizes, and it sends a very wrong message.

But before you start burning effigies of Kate Moss, it turns out she has nothing to do with the line of shirts. She just famously uttered what is said to be her “motto.” The shirts are being sold via, a company that produces on-demand products that anyone can create and then are offered to the general public. So if you wanted to make a “Not Best Friends Forever,” ‘I Hate Puppies” or “Don’t You Dare Save the Whales” t-shirt, you can do it in just a couple easy steps. It’s just proves again, there is no accounting for taste, skinny or otherwise. Let’s just hope there are no kids, or god-forbid toddlers, sporting this shirt.

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