Now Boarding: Traveling with Mom Guilt [VIDEO]


As a parent, guilt comes with the territory…. how many times have your kids said something that left you reeling… wondering if you are really cut out for this… or if you just might be prepping them for time with a therapist down the road? We question ( or are made to question) everything we do from vaccines to co-sleeping, from watching tv to breastfeeding.  For me, right now…. a big struggle is traveling for work.  I miss my kids.  But they really miss me and they let me know.  Each and every time.  With tears. And holding on to my leg.  Some of it is drama.  Some of it is real.  All of it hurts.

When my first child was born, a hug dose of mommy guilt and questioning seem to have been born with her, but I do the best I can.  And, usually, that means learning on the j-o-b.

So… here I go.  My sweet girl is helping me to learn how to deal with my traveling guilt.  How do you handle it?

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