Now You Can Stop Sexting with TASER


protector-by-taserWho knew the answer to teens sexting and texting while driving was so simple? TASER says they have the answer.

Yes, THAT TASER. Only your kids won’t be screaming “don’t tase me bro,” (no matter how much you’ve been tempted) because the company isn’t using any of its stunning technology for its new innovation. Their new ew family safety platform, Protector, aims to give parents more control over their kids’ cell phones.

Introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company says Protector will allow parents to manage the contact lists and content of their child’s mobile phone – including calls, texts, emails, photos and video.

They’ll be able to can automatically limit phone functionality – so if a kid’s driving, the texting option can be turned off. The program uses integrated GPS so you can track your kid’s location, monitor driving habits, and release vital records to the authorities in emergency situations.

Carrier independent, Protector is made to work on on multiple devices, each managed through an intuitive control panel accessible through a smart phone, PC, Mac or smart TV.

Considering almost forty percent of teens have admitted to sexting, fifty percent to texting while driving, there’s call for some sort of action. But is this a welcome idea or just another way parents are launching into big brother mode instead of teaching their kids to respect the privilege of a cell phone?

Image: Protector

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