The NSA is After Your Kids - No, Really


nsa-cryptoRemember when the NSA “didn’t exist?” Now they’re so in-your-face that they’re actually courting your kids!

The National Security Agency even has a Website designed just for kids.

The CryptoKids is designed for “America’s future codemakers & codebreakers,” and mixes cutesy games and crafts (think “Make your own cypher” this fall instead of the same old pinecone birdfeeder) with info-filled sections on “how can I work for the NSA?” and career field at the NSA (“it’s never to early to start thinking about what you want to be when you grow up.”). There are even courses of study for high school kids (still time apply for the upcoming program).

And in case you’re worried, no, they don’t ask for your kids’ personal information. But I’m sure they’re tracking down every cookie on your computer as we speak.

Image: NSA

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