Number of Chinese Kids Up for Adoption on the Rise


baby-handChina has been a traditional starting point for Americans looking to adopt a child from overseas, and there could be no time like the present.

The number of children up for adoption in China is up – the Republic of China that is.

According to a report from the Child Welfare League Foundation, there has been a fifty-five percent hike in parents from Taiwan calling for help in putting up their kids for adoption in the past five years. And almost ninety percent of those parents are complaining of financial hardship that is forcing their hand. In the early months of 2009, there was a full one hundred percent of callers reporting financial difficulties.

Meanwhile the number of Americans opting for adoption both domestically and overseas is declining for the same reason. Coupled with tighter restrictions from the U.S. State Department on agencies handling international adoptions, potential adoptive parents are harder to find.

Something else the U.S. and Taiwan have in common these days: almost a quarter of the kids in the report had teen parents.

Image: duru via flickr

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