Nursery Schools in Denmark Offer Free Babysitting So Parents Can Make More Babies

Date Night!

Parents in Denmark are getting a special night off courtesy of their local nursery school. The caregivers at several early learning establishments will watch your children free of charge but there is a catch. They would like you to go home, have sex, and make more babies. Why?

Not that many babies are being born in Denmark: the country is ranked very low in birth rates, coming in at 185th out of 221 countries, according to the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant. The country needs more babies to boost population so state benefits and pension plans can move forward smoothly and so businesses like nursery schools can continue (that is one of the reasons that the nurseries are offering up a free night of childcare: they have a vested interest). At the very least, they feel that they can draw attention to the issue of the country’s low birth rate.

But many parents aren’t rushing home to go make babies. “Lots say: ‘We’ll bring our children to the party but you won’t be getting any more children out of us!'” a nursery worker from Grasshoppers kindergarten said.

Do you think people will start having more children for the sake of the country? Or is it too personal of a decision?

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