NYC to Offer Kids Swine Flu Vaccines for Free Free Free


children-vaccinatedDid you know that New York City has more than 1-million schoolchildren in their system? Yeah, I didn’t know that either. And in response to having such a large community, the nation’s biggest school district announced it will offer swine flu vaccinations to each child for free this fall.

When the vaccine is available around mid to late October, the New York City schools as well as hundreds of smaller school districts will be administering  the vaccine to most of their students. But don’t start worrying about needles flying here there and everywhere. The vaccine will probably mostly be given via a “mist” in the nose.

A recent White House report is saying that half of the population of the country could become infected with the H1N1 virus with children being at a greater risk for complications.  There is no certainty that the flu will hit as hard as projected but it’s best to be more safe than sorry. President Barack Obama stated today that the government will be strongly recommending people getting the vaccine. He said “I don’t want anybody to be alarmed, but I do want everyone to be prepared.”

But there are many out there who fear what side affects could accompany the vaccine since there won’t be the time trials and lengthy research to make sure it is 100% safe, especially for children.

Will you be vaccinating your kids?