OB Delivers Baby Four Hours (!) After Giving Birth


05_Flatbed_1 - JANUARYIf you were lucky enough to have a great OB, you know they are dedicated doctors who do their best for their patients. But Diana Roth, an OB who practices out of Maimonides Medical Center in New York, takes that to a whole different level. She had her own four children at the hospital, which boasts the busiest maternity ward in all of New York State, and has delivered countless others. But once, she did both on the same day.

In 2005, she was resting at the hospital after the birth of her third child. Her beeper went off — it was one of her patients, in active labor. She’d only given birth four hours earlier, but as she said “I had gone through her pregnancy with her and felt obligated to help. Plus, I was already there.” So she yanked out her own IV, got a resident to slip her a set of scrubs, and snuck down a staircase to go be there for her patient.

Okay, there’s dedication, and there’s dedication, you know? Her next quote from this NY Daily News story is even more amazing: “I felt fine. I delivered my patient, and then I went back up to my room to go to sleep.” She did confess to her own doctor the next day, who was incredulous but figured it was just par for the course for Roth, who’s known as a go-getter.

The funniest part — guess who was wheeled in as Roth’s roommate the next day? Yep, that very same patient.