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Obama dressed as a doctorPresident Obama was in Oslo today. Just hanging out. No! Silly. He was there to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

No really. He was. If you want to read the full transcript of his acceptance speech, you can do that. (AP)

In other Presidential news, President Obama’s approval rating is at 50%, the lowest ever, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Here’s a video report.

It’s not clear to me why everyone has been so quick to jump off the Presidential bandwagon. The people who didn’t like him already, they still don’t like him. That I understand. But what about the folks who voted for him? Are they upset because it’s been almost a full year and he hasn’t fixed the country yet? Is it the plan to increase troops in Afghanistan? Personally, I like the President and I’m not disappointed that he hasn’t done everything he said he was going to do. You know why? Because I don’t trust politicians. I know, I’m so cynical.

On to a little holiday news, a window display in Los Angeles has upset some Christians because it portrays the Virgin Mary as fashionable. Well, that’s sort of what it does. Huffington Post says “Sexy Nativity Scene Draws Criticism” but that’s a tad misleading. First, what’s sexy about this?


And second, the “criticism” appears to be from one person. The headline from the local ABC News station that reported the story is even more misleading: “Sexy Nativity scene draws chorus of critics.” Isn’t a “chorus” more than one person? Unless the Virgin Mary in the display case comes to life at night, like in the classic Andrew McCarthy film “Mannequin”, and actually draws a picture of a chorus. Then it would be accurate. Go here to watch a video and decide for yourself.

Finally, some arts news. I love it that there are places where opera is still something that can get people all riled up. This is from the New York Times: “La Scala started its season Monday night with a new production of Bizet’s ‘Carmen,’ an unknown mezzo-soprano singing the title role, a novice opera director and the usual brouhahas offstage.” Audience members were “cheering the singers, who deserved it, but eviscerating the director, Emma Dante, who didn’t, quite.” Then “For whatever reason [famous director] Franco Zeffirelli” called Dante “‘an irresponsible woman’ who ‘knows nothing’ about the 19th century and whose ‘Carmen’ was a crime,” according to the Times article, which goes on to say that “In a country where the prime minister may soon be facing actual criminal charges, that remark, like many of Mr. Zeffirelli’s own extravagant opera productions, was over the top, although Ms. Dante did lay it on too thick with the Roman Catholic symbolism.” How great is that?

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