Obama Family Takes Whirlwind Paris Tour


paris1President Obama is getting flak for choosing family time over politics during a recent trip to Europe. The Obamas took in a whirlwind tour of Paris over the weekend, visiting Notre Dame and Pompidou Centre of modern art, and dining at a traditional, medium-priced bistro called La Fontaine de Mars.

Some French officials have expressed disappointment that Obama did not dine at the Elysee with President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni. Obama defended his decision to spend time with his family instead, saying of his relationship with Sarkozy, “It’s important to understand that good friends don’t worry about the symbols and conventions and protocols.”

Children, however, do worry greatly about getting enough time with their dads, and it’s a relief to see Obama unapologetically put his family before political concerns. Furthermore, you’d think that exposing his children to Parisian culture would be seen as a great diplomatic move on Obama’s part. How amazing would it be if all American children had the opportunity to sightsee in other countries at such a young age?

The last thing any parent in a high-profile position should be criticized for is spending one fun day with his or her family.

Photo: Reuters, via The Daily Mail

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