Obama Featured in 60 Kids Books


barack-obama-son-of-promiseRegardless of his popularity polls at the moment, Barack Obama is a more popular president with children’s book publishers than his predecessor.

Less than a year into his presidency, Barack Obama has already made his way into dozens of children’s books – sixty to be exact.

At least thirty-five have been written since the election, not counting those featuring Bo, the Obama’s dog, or anyone else in the Obama family.

During eight years, the UPI reports George W. Bush inspired just forty-three books for kids (that’s seventeen fewer than Obama).

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the authors had Obama’s ear. During the election, the Obama campaign’s Website included a section dubbed Children’s Book Authors for Obama and promised “Children’s book authors and illustrators will have a place to exchange information about politics and children, especially as they relate to Barack Obama and the upcoming election.” With twenty-three members, they raised over $2,400 for the campaign.

Now the big question: are their books selling?

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