Obama School Supplies Rejected by Administrators


obama-school-supplies-sm250Some notebooks and pencils delivered to Columbia, MO schools have administrators and parents all in a tizzy.  Featuring the words “Change We Can Believe In” and a red, white and blue circular logo, the school supplies were available for sale in schools across the state.  At least they were available for sale.  After some parents and Missouri school officials complained about them, the supply company who provided them began traveling across the state retrieving the offending items. 

There is no denying that the notebooks and pencils were inspired by the very same words and logo of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  What is up for debate — at least by some — is what exactly the problem is.  Nobody of any consequence will say just what exactly is offensive about the items, but at least one school principal says that she just doesn’t “want to get into that political arena at all.”

Despite the fact that Pencil Wholesale, the company who provided the items, claims the notebooks and pencils were a “mistake” and merely the result of an art department employee “trying to be cutesy,” most commenters at the Columbia Daily Tribune are convinced that this is another attempt by the Democratic party to “indoctrinate” and “brainwash” our children.

Perhaps school supplies with political leanings don’t belong on the shelves of the school store.  But brainwashing?  Those who subscribe to the theory that Barack Obama is dead-set on taking over the minds of our children are pretty vocal about their beliefs.  You can’t read a parenting blog without coming across pages of comments devoted to the subject.  They are everywhere.  If I were a paranoid person, I might believe that these conspiracy theorists were trying to brainwash me.