Obama Undies For Baby


Obama Undies for kidsTwistedTwee, the company behind the Nipple Tassel t-shirt for babies, has something else for sale.

Political Pants — top politicians on the bottom” has mostly non-U.S. based pols — Churchill, Thatcher, and others. But they wisely chose to include President Barack Obama, since everything with the President’s image on it sells.

My question is this. Would putting this on your kid mean that you support the President? Or that you can’t stand him? After all, accidents happen in kids’ pants. And even if you have a fully trained toddler, you’re putting Obama’s face on their butt. That doesn’t sound like the action of someone who supports the President. By the same token, if you’re a Churchill or Thatcher fan, you wouldn’t want to put those on your child. Maybe a t-shirt. But not underwear.

Here’s a gallery of the Political Pants. If you buy, be careful. Nobody likes to pooped on.

Source: TwistedTwee