Obama's It Gets Better Video

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President Obama speaks out against bullying

President Obama has joined the chorus of voices participating in Dan Savage’s It Gets Better project. His video, posted today, encourages gay teens and other victims of bullying to hang in there through hard times.

His words genuinely inspired me, listening to him. It’s easy to forget just how smart that Obama guy really is.

Even more inspiring than Obama’s words were the fact that he said them. I never thought, growing up as a queer kid in America, that I’d see the day the president of the United States speaks out against homophobia and bullying.

I grew up in a liberal town and had a pretty easy time of things as an out teen, but it’s hard to imagine how different my teen years would have been with this kind of cultural support from those in power.

Even more, I never thought I’d see the day Dan Savage got the president’s attention and cooperation for a media project.

The times, they are a’changing.

Check out the full video after the jump.

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