Obama's Red Socialist Winter Wonderland of Childhood Communism


bee_kidsDid you know that the Obama administration sent out Christmas tree holiday shrub ornaments for children to decorate and send back to the White House for display in one of the nineteen billion national communist trees shrubs?

Yeah, me neither.

But apparently there was a big kerfuffle following the Oprah interview in which the First Lady proudly showed off the ornaments that were decorated by kids throughout the country and sent back.

Sounds cool, right?


It is the first step in indoctrinating our children into a new kind of socialism — one that puts design aesthetics and holiday cheer over … something. 

Jezebel highlighted the best part of this “controversy” — a Daily Show skit featuring Samantha Bee, who talks to a clearly delusional anti-Obama weirdo and then a group of children, who think it has nothing at all to do with indoctrination. It is definitely worth a look for the reaction of the kids. Classic.