Occupy Wall Street's Online Platforms Gaining Mainstream Attention


With mainstream media finally grabbing onto the Occupy Wall Street stories that were more widely shared through Internet organizing, it’s all coming full circle. The Tumblr site We are the 99 Percent was featured on CNN today, both on air and in their online Tech section.

The CNN article said:

The blogging platform Tumblr — which sits somewhere between Twitter and WordPress on the social media spectrum — has become one of the more interesting places to watch the debate about the Occupy Wall Street protests unfold.

Has become one of the more interesting places?” What a ridiculous understatement. With 291 submissions posted in throughout September and over 900 in October, the site was a leader in communicating the stories of the #occupywallstreet movement long before mainstream media took note or even tried to offer us the unfolding story.

From the We are the 99 Percent About page:

We are the 99 percent. We are everyone else. And we will no longer be silent. It’s time the 1 percent got to know us a little better. On Sept. 17, 2011, the 99 percent will converge on Wall Street to let the 1 percent know just how frustrated they are with living in a world made for someone else. Let us know why you’ll be there. Let us know how you are the 99 percent.

It’s really interesting to see traditional media take note of the stories and platforms those of us who are keyed in to social media communication have been experiencing for weeks. Just as with the Arab Spring that inspired Occupy Wall Street., social media is more than just an add-on communication platform. Social media is fundamentally intrinsic to the movement and a large factor in allowing it to gain traction at all. The July call to action in AdBusters, #occupywallstreet, was a Twitter hashtag, after all.

So, yes, CNN here’s your newsflash: online personal posts are the most interesting way to watch that story, or most stories, unfold.  Welcome to primary source news.

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