#OccupyMyHeart: Volunteering to Find Love or Strengthen Your Relationship

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Volunteer for the love of it.

According to the love experts at YourTango, volunteering is “winter’s hottest date.” That information comes from the site How About We, the “offline dating site” where members post a date idea, connect with someone they want to go with, and get offline together. I so totally want to try it.

I live in New York City, one of the top 5 cities where volunteer dates are popular, so I think proposing a HowAboutWe volunteer date is worth a shot. You know people want to have a good story to tell the grandkids about how they met. Why just meet for soup when you can volunteer at a soup kitchen? That’s romantic.

Volunteer dates aren’t just a great idea for singles, though. They’re a great way for couples to bond, as well, especially if you’ve been having some trouble in your relationship. What better way to get some perspective on your problems than by working together at a homeless shelter? I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately about how couples in long-term relationships can keep their love alive, and one recent piece in The New York Times asserts that building companionship, counting your blessings and trying new activities are all effective ways to bolster a long, loving partnership. Sounds like helping with disaster relief or cleaning up a community garden or park would certainly facilitate all three of those things.

It stands to reason that if you’re single, someone you meet in a volunteer setting may have more relationship potential than someone you meet in a bar. Not to say you can’t turn a one night stand into a great marriage because I know people who have, but why not give a volunteer date a try? Even if you don’t click with your date, you’ll at least be able to say you did something great for someone else instead of sitting there awkwardly over your 85,000th cup of coffee.

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