Octomom Nadya Sulemans Doctor Has License Revoked: And Shes Not the Only Reason.


OctoMom BabiesAfter it was discovered that a Southern Californian woman was impregnated, carried and birthed eight babies, the poor judgment of Nadya Suleman wasn’t the only thing blamed for such a bold birthing move. Also taking the heat, and for good reason, was her fertility doctor —Dr. Michael Kamrava. On Wednesday, the Medical Board of California announced that his license would be revoked next month. And it wasn’t just because of Nadya Suleman.

The Medical Board did feel that Kamava “did not exercise sound judgment” when he transferred 12 embryos to into Suleman.  But other instances  played a part in having his license revoked and that he wasn’t just “grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman” but in two other cases as well.

One 48-year-old woman had complications when she became pregnant with quadruplets after seeing Dr. Kamava. And one 42-year-old woman was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after going through fertility treatments with Dr. Kamava. In the latter case, Dr. Kamava confessed that he was ‘distracted’ by the bad press after the Suleman scandal and that made him miss the woman’s abnormal tests which resulted in a late detection of the patient’s ovarian cancer.

“The board is not persuaded that relying on the public or the media to fulfill or supplement the board’s public protection role is sound policy,” the board stated. “This is not a one-patient case or a two-patient case; it is a three-patient case.” But really one could be bad enough.

Do you think that just the facts regarding the Nadya Suleman case should have been enough to get his license revoked?

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