Octomom Says Jon Gosselin Is Hot


10959673308_cropThe drama being played out for the viewing public on Jon and Kate Plus 8 has just had a bizarre confluence with another oddity of the celebrity parenting sideshow.  In speaking with Radar Online, the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, admitted that she thinks Jon Gosselin is hot and that she has a bit of a crush on him.  Given his divorce from Kate, Jon is actually available, pending any break-ups with the bimbo of the week.

I kind of have a crush on Jon,” she said, adding that “I think he’s hot” and that “he looks cute in purple.”  Now, I’m certainly no expert on what makes a guy hot, but I’m not sure Jon Gosselin qualifies.  (In all fairness, however, he’s certainly closer to deserving that description than I am.)  In any case, I’m not sure I could think of a more frightening combination than to have Jon Gosselin, father of eight, hook up with Nadya Suleman, mother of fourteen.  I’d be willing to bet, also, that Jon wouldn’t be so keen either; these days he seems more interested in college-aged kids than ones in elementary school.

For her part, Suleman is going to wait until her kids are older before dating and suggests that Kate and other moms do the same.  “I don’t think any single mother of any amount of kids should start dating,” she said.  While I wouldn’t suggest that single parents (male or female) shouldn’t date, I do think that the kids need to come first and if that means that dating is put on hold, then so be it.  I may not think much of her taste in men, but I will give her credit for at least eschewing dating in favor of her kids.

Photo: earl53