Octomom's Doctor Accused of Negligence


OctupletsControversial fertility doctor Michael Kamrava, best known as the doctor who helped “Octomom” Nadia Suleman get pregnant with eight babies as well as her previous six, has been accused of “repeated gross neglience” by the California Medical Board.

According to the board, Kamrava continued to administer drugs and harvest eggs for fresh cycles when Suleman still had frozen embryos from her six previous children. At the time the octuplets were born, Suleman said she kept having babies because she couldn’t bear to destroy any of her frozen embryos. A frozen cycle is much less expensive than a fresh cycle, but Suleman continued to do the fresh cycles.

Kamrava also negligently administered high doses of ovulation stimulating medications, which put Suleman at high risk for a serious complication called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, according to the complaint.

Kamrava also failed to refer Suleman to a mental health professional. A mental health evaluation is pretty standard in any sort of high level fertility treatment, and simple common sense will tell you that an unemployed, unpartnered mother of six who wanted to have even more babies should probably have maybe talked with someone.

The complaints were filed Dec. 22, and there’s no word on when a resolution might be reached or what kind of penalties Kamrava might face. He was expelled from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in September and continues to practice at his Beverly Hills clinic.