OctoMom's Off Public Assistance


nadya-suleman-octomomRemember when OctoMom actually inspired more anger and less eye-rolling? News flash folks: Nadya Suleman says she’s getting off the public’s teat.

Almost a year since giving birth to eight babies in a California hospital, Suleman told Matt Lauer she is not receiving a dime from the taxpayers in the State of California.

Let’s hear it for using your kids to make a few quick bucks. Oops, we mean. . . Suleman told Lauer she’s off of food stamps, and he pressed her on the issue. She also said she’s paying for any caregivers who come into the house to help her with the kids.

So how’s she doing it? There was that $250,000 check for a documentary. And somehow there must be money coming from somewhere else. She told the Daily News she spends $10,000 a month on nannies and $1,000 a month on food bills.

And before you start feeling bad for her again, remember that little admission about planning to rely on public assistance to raise her fourteen kids that she had on purpose via IVF?

Does this change your feelings about the OctoMom?

Image: CBC

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