Oh, Boy! Snapshot of Mom's Reaction to Finding Out Baby's Sex is Worth 1,000 Words (PHOTO)

Gender reveal
Boy, oh, boy!

Everyone just wants a healthy baby. But many expectant parents also have a boy/girl preference. They just do. Maybe it’s because they grew up with only a brother or sister and always longed for what they didn’t have. Maybe it’s because they already have a daughter and are longing for a son to round out their family.

In the case of one family, they already had four boys. Which is why the mom couldn’t be blamed for wanting a daughter at long last. However, when she got pregnant with her fifth child, as luck (or the sperm and egg) would have it, she found out a girl is not in her future. At least not in the next nine months, anyway.

Gender reveal parties, cakes and other celebrations are all the rage now. But what happens when the reveal is a result that is, well, less desirable than hoped for?

This photo (that we first saw on The Huffington Post). Note the box of Kleenex conveniently located next to the only person in the photo not celebrating the news.

Better luck next time?


Photo credit: Reddit

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