Ohio News Program Reenacts Public Officials Corruption Trial with Puppets (VIDEO)

Puppet court
Puppet court!

It’s no secret that while real life is often more dramatic than fiction, unfortunately not all criminal trials are televised Ý  la O.J. Simpson.

One TV news program in Cleveland, Ohio, has figured out a way around that: puppets.

Yup. WOIO Channel 19 is reenacting a former public official’s corruption trial using puppets are witnesses, reporters and jurors. Do I smell the plot of the next Muppet movie?

A former Cuyahoga County Commissioner named Jimmy Dimora is on trial, and while he’s innocent until proven guilty, he is being lampooned through and through at the end of the local station’s nightly broadcasts.

Ethical for a news station? Of course not! Entertaining as hell? Hell, yes! Check out one of this week’s feature (after the jump) and be prepared to pee your pants (particularly when you realize this is a real news station lampooning a real and current trial of an elected official). And, you’re welcome.



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