Oil Well Woes, Michael Douglas Cancer, and More


Today in oil well news: The “bottom kill” procedure has been postponed due to fears about pressure in the well, and new reports say that a huge plume of oil is lurking in a deep, undersea canyon farther East than first thought.

ABC News reports that Michael Douglas’s cancer is probably in the intermediate stages. The actor will undergo both chemo and radiation to treat his illness.

Whining can drive even the most patient parents up a wall. The most tried and true tactic is consistency — as in, I consistently refuse to give in to you when you whine — but here are a few more tricks to help your tired, grumpy child learn to speak in a normal voice.

Back-to-school means back to making lunches every morning (or if you’re more organized than me, every night). I’m sending off a finicky kindergartner this year, so am scouting parenting sites for lunch ideas. Momlogic has a few tips for making lunch more appealing for picky eaters.

Some doctors tell parents to keep their newborn home for a few weeks, while others say they can go out visiting from day one. When did you your baby out for the first time?