OMG! LOL! Squirm & Germ Nail It with 'Pregnant in the Club'

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P.G. in da C!

Say what you will about white rappers and/or comedy rap and/or white people who do comedy rap (ahem), but this video by New York comedic hip-hop duo Squirm & Germ is hilarious. Starring my pal Jen Kwok (here we are in our collab track Take You Home) as a, uh, big girl who likes to bounce, Pregnant in the Club will elicit a belly laugh from any of you who led an active life while carrying a life inside of you. You can see Squirm & Germ live at Amateur Night at The Apollo (hello! can you say brave?!) this Wednesday, August 15 at 7:30 pm. Check out their super funny vid below:


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