On Blogging For Community


What I’d like to talk about today is blogging with a community.  What does that mean exactly?

One of the biggest reasons blogging is so successful goes beyond the immediacy and the personal touches it is the readership. The community that forms around a blogger’s work and writing and life story. To be a successful blogger you have to cultivate that community. But how?

First, realize that it doesn’t matter the size of your community, it’s still your community. Whether you are writing to 5 people, one of which is your momma, they are your people. Once your community begins to grow, it doesn’t need to change how you write too much, because you’ve already been keeping in mind that you do have a community. The key is to honor that community.

Second, be true to and respectful of your community. What does that mean? For me it means always being my authentic self. It means being extremely picky with the sponsored posts or opportunities I write about here in this space. I say no. A LOT. Be ok with saying no to offers that aren’t you or don’t make sense in your life or that may isolate your community. There really will always be more opportunities.

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