One More Reason to Love JCPenney: This New Ad Featuring Gay Dads

JC Penney ad
No one family is any less beautiful than another

I’ve never shopped at JCPenney, but it’s high time I start.

I’m not someone who feels a big emotional connection to clothing brands or stores. I wear whatever is in my closet and doesn’t appear to be dirty or smelly (I know what you’re thinking: Her poor husband). But lately I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy inside every time I see a JC Penney ad.

First they had Ellen DeGeneres sign on as a spokesperson, which is neither here nor there. Or at least it shouldn’t have been, but a bigoted group named One Million Moms (which you just know is code for, like 20 moms) got all hot and bothered and irate because Ellen is a lesbian. Because I guess they thought if you buy clothes from JCPenney that might make you a lesbian, too (although I’m not sure how that would work with men, but I digress).

Then just in time for Mother’s Day, JCPenney had a 2-page spread in their catalog featuring two women and their daughters — as in, their daughters together, you know, because the women are gay. Those One Million Moms (all 20 of ’em) got all upset again. But JC Penney stuck to their guns.

And now just in time for Father’s Day they have a new ad featuring two gay men and their beautiful children. Because beautiful children are born to all kinds of parents, — gay, straight, and even the unfortunate bigoted ones.

It’s nice to know there’s a store out there that feels all families can shop with them. Because all families wear clothes. Even the gay ones. When you think about it, doesn’t it just seem silly — and boring — to only show one kind (or the same kind) of family in ads all the time?

You go, JCPenney!

JC Penney ad
No one kind family is more beautiful than another kind, as evidenced by this beautiful family

Photo credit & source: BuzzFeed

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