One of the Very Best Parts of Parenting is Summed Up in This 40-Second Video

If I can’t see you, you can’t see me. Obvs.

There are lots of benefits to parenting. Macaroni and cheese scraps, for example. Being seen as a superhero, for another. Kisses. Hugs. That sleepy smell in the fold of their neck right after they wake up.

Another benefit of parenting? Getting to live in your kid’s world. It’s so magical, so special, so utterly nonsensical — it will wash away the worries of your day as you get absorbed, folded into, carried away and wrapped up into the head of your child’s lovely, adorable, so-cute-it-literally-pains-you imagination.

This 40-second video (that we first saw on The Huffington Post) called “Luna Hiding” pretty much sums it all up: A dad is playing hide-and-seek with his toddler. And, like her name Luna, she’s as hidden as a full moon on a clear night. Also like a full moon — you just can’t help but smile at the wonder of it all.

Take a look:

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Photo credit: iStockphoto

Video credit: Tom Pullan/YouTube

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