One Woman Disney Medley: Heather Traska's Amazing YouTube Video Goes Viral

Heather Traska One Woman Disney Acapella Youtube viral video
Heather Traska's one woman Disney medley video

Heather Traska is amazing. She’s just 17 years old and Traska’s “One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley” video has gone viral on YouTube.

Next stop? Ellen DeGeneres, if her plea to fans works out.

In the details of her YouTube video, Heather Traska breaks down the awesomeness that is her “One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley”:

The project took 86 days

Traska represents 30+ looks/characters

There are 13 main songs

13 “quoted” songs are included

It took 1 month for her to edit the video

Traska recorded it herself

She arranged the medley entirely by ear

Traska did the make up and costumes herself

Heather is such a talented young woman – amazingly, she’s still in high school and says she makes these videos in her free time.

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