Online Tool Guarantees Girl Scout Cookies Without the Girl


girl-scout-cookieYou may not know a Girl Scout, but the Web isn’t going to let your hips go cookie-less this year.

Just fire up the Girl Scout finder, and you don’t need a girl to come knocking on your door to offer up her boxes of baked goods.

In ye olden days, a Girl Scout used to come knocking on every door in the neighborhood offering up Thin Mints and Trefoils. Then came the world of two working parents, pedophiles hiding behind doors and a crappy economy. Kids just don’t go door-to-door anymore. But that doesn’t mean we don’t crave minty chocolatey goodness.

So the Girl Scouts have set up a site for you to indulge your inner blue monster – Find Cookies Now connects you with your local Girl Scout Council via zip code.

No  more waiting for that guy at work to show up with his daughter’s order form. Get your Thin Mints now – and throw a box in the freezer for us.

Image: Girl Scouts of America the USA

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